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An Hour With Your Ex: Pride and Podcasts - “Lost in Austen”

November 12th, 2015

Mel Evans is joined by Rachel Grandi and Jessica Kent to discuss the 2008 miniseries "Lost in Austen." A regular British gal finds herself in the pages of Pride and Prejudice and immediately messes the whole book up. Critics said it was so saucy, you'd almost think it was a BBC miniseries instead of ITV. Did the ladies agree? Or are they more excited for the Nora Ephron/Carrie Brownstein-penned movie version? And how do you even cast another Mr. Darcy?

An Hour With Your Ex is a Denver-based podcast hosted by Mark Colomb and Mel Evans. "Lost in Austen" is a 2008 ITV miniseries written by Guy Andrews. This last bit is for SEO.