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An Hour With Your Ex 133: David Tennant Doctor Who

August 14th, 2015

It's snappy ties and cool trench coats this week on An Hour with Your Ex. Matt Young from Improvised Star Trek and Hello, From the Magic Tavern stops by to talk about his favorite Doctor. Luckily it's Mel's favorite Doctor too. Mark is totally a Matt Smith guy. Who's your favorite Doctor? Should you watch Broadchurch? Companions? We're not ready to go.... It's the DAY OF DAVID TENNANT. THE TIME OF TENNANT. I could do this all day.

An Hour with Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by Mel Evans and Mark Colomb. Matt Young is one of our favorite people and podcasters. We are all members of The Chicago Podcast Cooperative. This episode is sponsored by Field Notes Brand Notebooks. David Tennant is going to be on the next Marvel Netflix show. Gosh, I hope that's good. Or at least better than American Broadchruch. We don't blame you David. Thanks for listening.