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An Hour With Your Ex 113: Back To The Future

March 27th, 2015

Back To The Future reference. This week we go back to a better time. It's morning in America, right? Hold on. Were the 1980's not as awesome as that quiz made you think they were? At least the 1950's were awesome, right? No? There were horrible problems then? But then what are those baby boomers so excited about all the time? 

Where we are going you don't need nostalgia. Mark Colomb probably loves this movie too much. Mel Evans sort of remembers it. Lots of questions and comments about Back to the Future 2 which we didn't watch this show. 

An Hour With Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by Chicago writers and performers Mel Evans and Mark Colomb. Back To The Future is a film from 1985. Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Dean Cundey, Huey Lewis, Michael J. Fox, and  more. Along with Star Wars one of the most picked apart pieces of pop culture. This last bit is for SEO. 

The show this week was sponsored by Cards Against Humanity. They asked us not to read an ad.