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An Hour With Your Ex 124: Daredevil (Netflix 2015) Season One

June 12th, 2015

PARKOUR! We're The Daredevil! This show we went to the formerly seedy Hell's Kitchen by way of Netflix and watched Daredevil. Charlie Cox plays Matt Murdock and The Daredevil in this Netflix original series. We invited host of The Pop Fury Podcast Sammy Tamimi to talk comics, tv, parkour, and more. How is Foggy? How many episodes did it take for Mel to realize that Kingpin was played by Vincent D'Onofrio?

An Hour with Your Ex is a Chicago based podcast hosted by comedians Mel Evans and Mark ColombThe Pop Fury Podcast is hosted by comedian Sammy Tamimi. This episode of our show is sponsored by Field Notes Brand Notebooks and The Chicago Podcast Coop. Daredevil is a show on netflix that should be leading to The Defenders and a cross media streaming super power. This last bit is for SEO. Marvel Comics. Comic Books. We didn't start the fire.